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fxmendoza – Data-Driven | Frank Mendoza

Your Home for All Things Data-Driven

Welcome to

Welcome to fxmendoza – your home for all things data-driven!

If you’ve ever asked yourself any of these questions below, you’re in the right place.

“Why are Big Data, AI, Machine Learning such buzzwords today?”

“How can Data help me improve my business?”

“Is Artificial Intelligence (AI) all HYPE? What industries/business are REALLY using it?”

“Is my business going to be disrupted by these technologies?”

“How could I successfully introduce these technologies into my organization?”

WHY fxmendoza?

I created fxmendoza to do one simple thing:

To provide the tools/resources to help organizations become more Data-Driven using the latest technologies (and focus on improving bottom-line results).

Occasionally, I will deep dive into the math, but I am not here to teach you statistics and Data Science there are numerous resources online if you are interested. No, I want to talk about using and leveraging these concepts to improve your business.

Still interested? Good, click below to learn a little about me or keep scrolling if you want to go inside a Data-Driven Mind!


Want to go inside a Data-Driven Mind?

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