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Resources – fxmendoza

Below you will find a plethora (do you even know what that word means?) of resources I have compiled for you. These include templates, canvases, and reading material I have found useful along my journey.


4 Ways That AI is Disrupting the Customer Experience

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When most people envision the future, they imagine things like flying cars, sleek, techno-enabled cities, and clothing that doesn’t use zippers or buttons (for some reason). However, we’re currently living in the sci-fi future that previous…

Upskill Employees on AI to drive Innovation

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Companies are quick to hire full-time data scientists to solve their most complex problems when it comes to data innovation. The reality is that the success of implementing emerging technologies can lie with your current internal employees…

What are the Different Job Roles within Artificial Intelligence?

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  Artificial Intelligence (AI) is everywhere around us. It has already been widely integrated into our daily lives by the smartphone in our pocket and the Apple Watch on our wrist. This technology has become an integral part of our…

Data is Not the New Oil

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  Perhaps in the past few years, you have heard the adage “Data is the New Oil”! Given the exponential growth opportunities that are possible with Data, I can see why so many people have embraced this phrase. However, in a few…

The Differences between AI vs. ML vs. DL

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Have you ever been at a Thanksgiving feast where, instead of plain old turkey, someone instead cooks a Turducken? If not, then you probably have no idea what I am talking about, so let me explain: a Turducken is a dish that is like a carnivore…

How Artificial Intelligence is Redefining Human Resources

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When most people think about artificial intelligence (AI), they imagine something like a robot that can learn, possibly to humankind’s detriment. However, these days, AI is already becoming integrated into our daily lives, albeit much less…

Why being a Data Scientist is so Cool

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Data scientists are the next generation of analytical experts, having evolved from statisticians and data analysts in response to the growth of big data storage, IoT devices, cloud computing, and improved algorithms. It’s a marriage, consisting…

Top 5 Qualities of a Successful "Intrapreneur"

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There is a growing trend in the business world of a new and unique type of entrepreneur. These individuals may never have run their own independent organization, but they are exceptionally skilled at navigating the waters within your company.…

The 4 Benefits & 4 Steps to Become Intrapreneurial

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In the world of business and startups, most of us already know the term “Entrepreneur.” An entrepreneur is a person who is motivated to start a new business and propel it to success through innovation, hard work, and long hours (a lot of…

3 Ways to Innovate Past Your Competition

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We have all heard the research that states that 52% of companies in the Fortune 500 have either gone bankrupt, been acquired, or ceased to exist as a result of digital disruption since 2000. So how does a business constantly update themselves…

Data Science vs. Business Intelligence

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Now that the world is digitized, data is everywhere. Whether it’s the food we ate this morning or our shopping habits online, businesses have more information on consumers than ever before. But how can they manage all of this data effectively? There…

How To Compete In A Data-Driven World

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For years now we have heard the term “big data” -- experts have predicted that data will, in essence, take over our world and drive virtually every aspect of our existence, from how we run our businesses to how we conduct our free time. While…